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Status update: HKS aircraft engine production.
Greensky Adventures, Inc and Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast LLC have entered into an exclusive arrangement with HKS Co Ltd to become World-Wide distributions of the HKS 700E engines and accessories. Both will offer sales, service/support and parts supply for the engines. Mr. Hiroshi Kato, the engine's designer, will be the technical liaison to Greensky Adventures and Quicksilver N.E. The HKS 700E is a 60HP, horizontally opposed two cylinder four-stroke engine. Its reputation for reliability and economy of operation is well noted in aviation community. The engine has a 1000 hour TBO and a fuel burn around 2 gph at cruise settings. Jerry Olenik of Greensky, and Chris Hatin of Quicksilver N.E. have been HKS dealers since 2001 and 2004 respectively, and are both factory trained service providers. "We are honored that HKS Co LTD has selected our two companies as the exclusinve marketing channel for their aviation product."
Status update: HKS aircraft engine production.
On Tuesday, June 3rd three representatives of HKS Co. LTD. Met with us at Green Sky Adventures, Inc. at our north Florida location. This was a follow up to an initial meeting in April where a proposal presented to Green Sky Adventures, Inc., Earthstar Aircraft, and Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast, LLC was discussed.  HKS-700E will have another production run which remains on schedule to begin in August, with shipping to commence as early as late September. As described on our web site, parts supply is fairly well covered, and Tuesday's meeting left us with an understanding, that any shortage of replacement parts which occurs prior to shipment schedule of engines will be possible to correct.

As for the 700T.  In April, HKS representative told us flatly the 700T would not be put back in production. The stated reason; Garrett's reluctance to continue supply of turbos for this application. (IMHO) I think HKS values their relationship with Garrett for other endeavors, and will honor their wishes.

From a technical and support aspect, the 700T is definitely supported. The Engineer with HKS Co. LTD, who has been out of the aviation division for several years is back with this portion of HKS. I cannot express strongly enough how important that is. There are only roughly 40 700T in the field. Because of their newness and complexity, they consume a disproportionate amount of time for technical assistance. There has been a steep initial learning curve for all involved which is gradually tapering off.
What we have learned because of the 700T, should be a good foundation of knowledge and experience for future HKS aviation engines. A continuity of equipment and devises logically will exist between the 700T and future product.

The group of 700T owners have been patiently quiet in their worries of being orphaned after their decision to choose this power plant. At this moment in time, those worries should be significantly reduced. There are several features of the 700T beyond its’ lightweight, power, and fuel efficiency which distinguish it outside any other contemporary aircraft engine in it’s class. Specifically, non violent start/stop in a high performance engine, extremely smooth and low idle speed, and of course high altitude capabilities. Over time, perhaps these folks will become an elite group of “limited addition” owner/pilots, no longer orphans.

Green Sky Adventures, Inc., Earthstar Aircraft, and Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast LLC, are three separate companies, each with our own business models and goals. I believe I can say for myself, and on behalf of Mark Beierle of Earthstar Aircraft, and Chris Hatin of Quicksilver Aircraft Northeast, we are honored that HKS Co LTD has selected our three companies as the marketing channel for their aviation product.

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