Green Sky Program Engines
Rotax 582UL

Reduced down time!
available on exchange for some aircraft
Better than new!

Green Sky Program engines are meticulously inspected then cleaned, and powder coated to create and
preserve that "better than new" look
Cylinders are precision honed and fitted with new pistons. During this process, the temperature of
components is stabilized and clearances are measured within an accuracy of .0001"
Prior to installation of the Factory New Crankshaft Assembly, runnout is checked to verify conformity to
Rotax specifications. Following Crankshaft installation, runnout is once again checked for conformity to
Rotax specs. If the part is out of tolerance, it is rejected. No in-house adjustments are performed on
Green Sky Program Engine crankshafts. New is New!
All Electrical components behind the Flywheel are replaced with factory new. Even though the components
are historically reliable, one shorted or broken wire can result in loss of one ignition, or charging system. It
is our belief that an increased risk of component failure exists, as the wire and coating are subject to time,
vibration, and unknown corrosive substances. These items are extremely difficult if not impossible to
change while the engine is installed in or on most aircraft. On Green Sky Program Engines, we
change them now, so you don' t have to.

Save downtime
Available on Exchange Basis for some applications
Because of  standardized installation and minimal modifications, some aircraft lend themselves well for the Green Sky Program Engine on an Exchange basis, thereby keeping downtime to a bare minimum
The idea of an exchange can work well if the replacement engine is an exact replacement for your old one. The powder coating process Green Sky applies is assurance that your engine will look great too! Make arrangements to get with the program today!

Email, or Just Phone toll free 888 887-5625 now to schedule service. Please see details below for instructions on how you can prep your engine for service, and more.

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