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HKS and Rotax Technical Services

HKS 700e
$10,998 Air Cooled
October 1, 2017

60HP 1,000 HR TBO!
2 Cylinders 4-Stroke Engine With Horizontally Opposed Cylinders 4 Valves per Cylinder
Bore X Stroke
85mm x 60 mm (680 CC - 41.5 cubic inches)
Compression Ratio 
11.3 : 1 
Power Output
56hp at 5800rpm (continous) 
60hp at 6200rpm (3min./Take off)
Maximum Torque
50.5 ft lb at 5000 rpm
Torque Ratio - 1.217 lb/Cubic Inch
BMEP - 183.5 PSI  
Maximum RPM
1000 hours 
Reduction Gear
Choice 2.58 to 1 or 3.47 to 1 
Engine Wt (Includes: Electric Starter, Exhaust System, Carburetors, Oil Tank, Oil lines, Oil Cooler, Dual Ignition, Integral Alternator, Gearbox and Oil) 
126.8 lbs57.5 kg (57.5 kg)