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Avid Flyer C model, and Mk IV
Here are some images an installation of the HKS 700E in the Avid Flyer Model C.  Prior to this change, the owner (a professional pilot)  had become increasingly uncomfortable flying behind the 65 HP Rotax 582 2 stroke engine, especially with passengers. So, this is yet one more instance where the pilot prefers to give up some of the power all of the time rather than all power some of the time.
The Avid  presents a fairly straight forward installation. Pictured here, with up Carbs and Ignition components mounted on the firewall.  Alternatively, the carbs can be mounted low and to the rear and the Ignition can be mounted on the engine. This installation also uses a custom exhaust system.  You are welcome to phone or email to discuss potential propeller and gear ratio concerns.

The next images are of the installation that evolved from the one above. This is on an Avid Mk IV, and is available presently (2008) as a package. Included are: engine, oil tank, mount, oil cooler, with mounting, pre made custom oil lines with fittings, custom exhaust, etc. Our Avid package actually has become one of the most complete and economical HKS conversions.