HKS Kolb Page Updated March, 2008
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The following images are of a couple owner installations of the new Green Sky Adventures HKS-700e engine package for Kolb Aircraft. Continuing our mounting theme of paying only one drag penalty, the Green Sky Kolb mount utilizes gearbox down configuration, with Horizontal Intakes, forward facing carburetors, and above the wing exhaust. (preliminary used up carbs and exhaust) Much of the flat plate drag area of the engine and remaining accessories get a free ride. Our HKS package for the Kolb also maintains the thrust line and angle as stock Rotax installations. Basic mounting of the engine involves no airframe modification. Your Kolb can easily be returned to Rotax power if ever desired.  See flight report at bottom of page

Click to enlarge. Notice carbs are also swapped so throttle and choke cables and fuel lines route neatly down the center rather than flopping out in the breeze.

Good view of what you don't see...Exhaust, Oil Cooler, Carburetors. They are hiding in front of the engine. Actually, the engine is hiding behind them. Get the idea? Less drag.

DB debriefing after test flight

Preliminary high mounted carbs and exhaust

Throttle and choke cable splitters

Electronic Ignition Modules

Notice the Low Carburetor and Exhaust set up here

Oil tank and Cooler

Reg-rectifier and starter solenoid
The Kolb Slingshot...

It's 510 lb empty. The higher wing loading (relatively) takes much of the agony out of rough air flying.  Stall is about 48 mph.

I generally approach at 65 to 70.  If no power, 80 over the fence might work better.  Climb out 80.  Right now, with 64 3 bld powerfin, climb at 80 works out to about 700 to 800 fpm and 5600 rpm full power. Leveled out, with the throttle open comes up to 101 before RPM busts the 6200 red line. Pulled back to Max continuous 5800 we're looking at 94 or so. On the low speed side, knocking off 1000 rpm costs about 20 mph.  Flying slower, (than 75) gets into slow fly mode where more power is required.

There isn't anything uncomfortable with higher speeds. If you don't mind the extra noise and fuel burn, it's perfectly comfortable at 95 mph. But then it's perfectly comfortable at 85 mph. With a little tweaking, 100 mph continuous cruise should be possible.

I don't have much Kolb experience, so can't compare too much to the other models. The roll rate and authority are really good. Control force on the Ailerons might be a little stiffer than than I had imagined.

Landings are 3 pnt and generally anti climatic. Of course, with touch down speed much higher than stall speed, you can't say they are full stall landings. But as speed bleeds off, it settles easily in three point configuration. Often all you feel is the wheels start rolling.

CG works out to where aft limit occurs with full fuel, and anything less than 194 lb pilot. I weigh 212, so that's not a problem. Lighter pilots would have to use a heavier battery, less fuel, or some other ballast.