HKS Quicksilver page Updated Aug. 11, 2006
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Aug. 11, 2006
HKS installation kits are now available for the Quicksilver GT 400 and MX Sprint and  Sport II, as well.  In both cases, besides added reliability of an HKS 4-stroke, there is a substantial gain in performance compared to a standard Rotax 503, and greatly reduced fuel burn. The longer stance of our HKS mount contributes greatly to the overall smoothness of operation.  ...In the words of one Sprint II customer,  "This engine is so smooth vibration is non existent".

Green Sky Adventures, Inc. will be happy to work with any Quicksilver owners to provide necessary installation components, instruments, and technical assistance along with any HKS engine we sell.  If you find the information in this web site helpful in making your decision or solving a problem, please remember the only $$$$ that flow through our company for the effort is from the engines we sell. If you have questions or need further assistance,  you are welcome to phone or email. 

Here, and at right, the GT 400 installation. ...successfully proven. For those with Aft CG concerns, the Modified Type II exhaust and top oil cooler and forward carburetors, as used on our S14 Installation may be worth consideration. 
Quicksilver MX Sprint II with HKS-700e 4 stroke using the same 3.47 ratio and prop as the 503 Rotax. The Kiev prop was pitched up about 4 degrees to handle the extra power.  Quicksilver MX Sprint II with original Rotax with Type III C gearbox and 3.47 ratio. 

Below the wing, viewed from right rear.

View from below. Details of Electronic modules, Ignition Coils and Oil Cooler mounting.