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The Ranger PPC design prototype is nearly complete. In late December, Green Sky Adventures, Inc. committed to continue with earlier design and construction effort of Olenik Motors, Inc. to bring this new PPC to "Flyable" status for the Powerchute Education Foundation. This is a one-off mission specific aircraft designed for a transcontinental promotional flight commencing this year with a departure from the USS Midway with an arrival destination the the USS Yorktown. There are numerous media events scheduled throughout the several weeks of the intended flight. To follow along, check back here for links, or checkout, and bookmark the PowerChuteEducation Foundation web site
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OMC Green Sky Ranger Frnt left
OMC Green Sky Ranger Rt Side
OMC Green Sky Ranger Rt Frnt half
OMC Green Sky Ranger Front
OMC Green Sky Ranger Lft Frnt
OMC Green Sky Ranger Lft Close
OMC Green Sky Ranger Dec 04
This is where Green Sky Adventures, Inc. came on board in late December 2004. Tom Olenik of Olenik Motors Corporation commenced design work for this PC in 2001. Tom began construction early in 2004 when Baron Taylor, (Powerchute Education Foundation) approached about providing a PPC suitable for the PCEF mission. In December, Green Sky Adventures, Inc. agreed to co work with OMC for remaining design work on the Ranger, and assisted Baron with remaining construction. Our ninety day effort is pictured above.
Olenik Aviation, Olenik Motors Corp., and HKS are among the numerous and generous sponsors who contributed in a major way to make this possible for the PCEF. We'll try to get a complete list together and post it or link to one in the near future