HKS Rans S-14 Page Updated May 31, 2006
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The following  images are of the new HKS-700e Low Rider installation for Rans S14 / 12 Airaile. With the cooperation of of some dedicated vendors and especially one of our customers thousands of miles away, Green Sky now offers an HKS mounting solution for the Airaile which retains the planes sleek design aesthetics, thrust line and angle with a low profile. Oil cooler will mount forward similar to Rotax 582 installations. Combined with the low version carburetor set up, the cooler will fare pleasantly back to the engine.

The Low Rider Customer Installation at right is in progress. 
Below, a completed S14 HKS package now flying, following a retrofit by another owner. Notice, we now have worked out Exhaust Configuration, Oil cooler location and mounting.  We believe this configuration may work well with other similar aircraft. If you have a high wing pusher (like a Kolb or Challenger)  that you are willing to deliver to our facility in North Central Florida for the installation, we would be happy to expedite the process. We are willing to provide our installation components at little or no cost as reward for your contribution.
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