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The following images are of a customer installation of the HKS 700E in a Titan Tornado. These are not posted as endorsement or critique. Rather, an example of what has and can be done. We have reduced image quality to manage file size.
The Titan presents a very straight forward installation. Pictured here, with up Carbs and Ignition components mounted on the engine. Alternatively, the carbs can be mounted low and forward. The Ignition can be mounted remotely. Notice the very simple (as in completely stock) HKS exhaust system. Though this is a very early system, if a completely stock exhaust can be used it is a big plus in making an installation simple and quiet. If you wish, you can purchase an aluminum base plate with your engine, that provides a wide footprint to transition to your airframe. You are welcome to phone or email to discuss potential propeller and gear ratio concerns.