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Gerald J. Olenik, pres. Private Pilot,Single Engine, Land, Instrument
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With over 32 years in Ultralight and Light Experimental aircraft propulsion specialties we are delighted to consider the HKS-700E and 700T, our most important powerplant yet.  Since beginning the business, in 1984, we’ve been in search of the right lightweight 4 stroke engine as an alternative to popular 2 stroke counterparts.  Until our involvement with HKS,  that search lead us only to engines that were too heavy, or short on performance.  In 2003, we installed our first HKS on the company’s Zippy Sport.  Though this is the ninth powerplant change on our aircraft in twenty years, it is the first ever to deliver “peace of mind” High Performance.  Typical cruise is 110 to 115 mph. Throttled back to 100mph fuel burn of 2.5 gph works out to 40 Miles Per Gallon!
The HKS should be your engine of choice for retrofit on many existing aircraft, and definitely new designs.
We’ve done conversions on Avid Flyer, Challenger, Dakota Hawk, Hiperlight, Fisher 404, Fisher Super Koala, Kitfox, Kolb, Quicksilver, Rans S12,  Rans S14, Zenith CH-701, and Zippy Sport.  The next(completed 2012)one scheduled for our “in-house” aircraft is our Micro Mong Biplane.  We’ve consulted on many more.
Our in-house welding, machining and sheet metal capability lends itself well to proto typing and special projects. Our clients range from individual homebuilders to defense contractors. We make, or provide: Mounts, (both aluminum plate and welded tube) Vibration Isolators, Custom Exhaust Systems, Custom Control Cable, HACman Mixture Control,  Oil Coolers, Oil line,  Oil Fittings, Propellors, and Instruments.
Perhaps, most important, is service. Our company has a long record of excelling in service, and has received repeated, superlative recognition in the industry. …Best: Repair Station Program, Warranty Service, Technical Support, Master Service Dealer, and more.
Your decision on where to buy is just as important as what to buy.