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Thanks for clicking over to consider some of the decisions you may face when purchasing your HKS 700-E.

We've been working on a transition component that should make your HKS-700e a little easier to install, and the outcome can also be more compact. Click HERE for details There has been a base plate available for quite some time.

The base plate bolts directly to the engine case. It spreads out the footprint for better efficiency of the vibration isolators and also lends it self to a variety of top mount pusher type applications. 
Notice, the center is milled out allowing the sump to drop down reducing overall height of the finished product plus provision is made for draining the sump.
Typically, the plate is fitted with Barry Mount Isolators and rests on top of supporting airframe structure. For firewall type installation, it is often difficult positioning brace tubes and other mount structure for attachment to a base plate without interference with exhaust, carburetor intakes and oil tank. Creating the primary structure above the base may simplify fabrication in some instances. 
As of 6/05
Base Plate $110.160
Barry Mount $8.95 ea.
Other transitional components or complete mounts. Get some ideas HERE, then Please phone or email.