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Thanks for clicking over to our HKS news page. As we embark on various projects, and expand our HKS related services and products, this page should be useful to let you have a hint of what we're doing while the "rest of the story" is in the works. You are welcome to phone or email with questions or comments. 

Sept 12, 2008
Current HKS Manuals are posted on our site in pdf
We've been seeing some lament on the internet about a lack of HKS manuals. We've actually had links on our site to Installation, Operation, and Parts manuals for a long long time. ... maybe a couple years. None the less, today the updated versions were posted along with the addition of a Service Manual.

Sept 7, 2008
Engine Deliveries from New HKS distribution point.
The first shipment of HKS engine from Japan arrived at the new distributor in South Florida earlier this week.  Yours truly, Green Sky Adventures, Inc. president, Gerald Olenik drove down for this occasion, which provided an opportunity to meet Frank Porter and some of his staff and return with one more HKS-700e. (going on Kolb Firestar II). To the credit of APSU, we inquired about availability of replacement spark plug caps, and in response, we actually now have some on hand. This has been a bit of an issue for quite some time, because they were previously only available as part of the ignition coil assembly.

Aug 10, 2008
New HKS North America Distributor
What a surprise Hpower Ltd. has stepped down as North American distributor of the HKS aircraft engines. The new distributor Aircraft Parts Sales Unlimited, LLC is presently based at Pompano Beach Florida. Top dog, Frank Porter at APSU has a deep background in general aviation sales, maintenance, and piloting.  He seems energized and ready to advance HKS engines in the industry.  Promised improved flow of engine deliveries is a great start.

July 24, 2008
Drag Reduction Pays
As if you didn't know!  When we did our first HKS conversion 5 years ago, not knowing the cooling characteristics of the HKS, we took a rather conservative approach. Adhering precisely to HKS installation instruction, the Oil cooler had no place to go but on the belly of the plane. We knew this would be a substantial source of drag.  Since that time, we have seen and participated in many HKS installations where oil tank and cooler locations deviated from the IM, without consequence. We've been driving the Zippy around the sky for almost five years now, with half of the cooler taped off.  This month, we finally found the motivation to replace the cooler with one half the size, AND, we moved it from the belly, to the cowl opening just below the prop.  Of course, you'd expect better top speed, and cruise, but the real surprise was a substantial improvement in take off, and climb. I'll elaborate on this another time.

Aug 25, 2006
If you check the entry dates on this page, it's hard to miss the fact that updates are missing for quite a time span. ...Hardly a "News" page. I've been thinking lately,  this page could be useful to share information without it getting buried in one of the discussion groups. Perhaps that was the original intent, but we haven't kept up.
Since we're usually flying the HKS every day, and speaking with others who do, or want to, there should be plenty of raw material to qualify as news worthy. If you find it useful, don't forget it is our HKS customers who make it possible. If you're invoice doesn't have Green Sky Adventures, Inc. at the top, why not?

Aug 25, 2006

Carb Sockets
There seems to be more problem with the carb flanges than one might expect. This morning, I checked the ones on our Zippy Sport. It's a 2003 engine just coming up on 100 hours. I flew this up to Oshkosh this year and must admit there was a bit of paranoia,  over the 26 hours of flying, caused by recent reports. I did  not have spares with me. Long story short, they checked out OK today. These are earlier flanges that have the aluminum sleeve spacer inside to position the Bing 64 carburetor correctly. I know we were asked to change these, but the arrangement seemed to work OK on the Rotax 912 engines, at least till it didn't.  Our HKS powered Kitfox is just shy of 150 hours. We'll be checking those again shortly and will report back.
The fix.  At this point, I don't know if there is an official direction. There is a lot of talk about the aftermarket flanges from JBM. We bought a few of these to try. Give us a call or email if you like and we can send you one, or a pair. We're charging $39.20 each, plus $5 for priority mail shipping. The HKS version is $41.80, but includes the clamps. So does the Rotax version, at $87.  If both yours are OK, I might suggest changing one, to the JBM and saving the original as a spare. Then you will have one of each installed, and may the best flange win.

Jan 11, 2005
Our HKS throttle cable sets are ready to go. Though not the end all for every application, our cables sets have nylon lined housings for minimal friction, and our cable housing adjusters are much easier to use. For more information, click HERE

Jan 09, 2005
Our HKS Kitfox convesion is accumulating time. We've posted some info in preparation of a borchure on this. Adding the 4 stroke HKS 700e  to the Kitfox has resulted in a fine airplane that is more enjoyable than ever. To view the brochure, click HERE

Jan 03, 2005
Green Sky commits to the HKS powered Ranger PPC
We have taken on the task of completing the remainder of this Mission Specific PPC named Ranger. This aircraft
is scheduled to begin a public relations transcontinental flight by Baron Taylor, of the PowerChute Education
Foundation. For a preview, click HERE

Dec. 20, 2004
HKS News.
Our Kitfox HKS installation is complete and testing has begun. We are delighted by the results. Some dedicated web pages and an article will be prepared in the relatively short future complete with images and installation details. For now, to view some of the prop data and opinion, please select "prop testing" from the drop down menu above or click HERE

Dec. 01 2004
HKS News.
We're starting to add images of specific installations. Notice in the drop down menu above, new additions are the Skyraider and Titan.

Sept. 21, 2004
HKS News.
Throttle and Choke cables
New page:  Options, what do I need?  There are a number of decisions in finalizing your order. One of which, is: what to do for throttle cables. Today, we have begun a page including images, devoted to dealing with that decision. We will elaborate on this theme to address exhaust, and other choices. Remember, you are welcome to phone or email with questions.

Sept. 15, 2004
HKS News.
Hiperlights 700 E s will soon be powering a couple Hiperlight II Biplanes. This new engine/airframe combination should be a perfect marriage. There's just nothing better than a clean, light weight, efficient engine on an airframe with those same qualities. We'll try to post more info as it becomes available.

Kitfox As many of you know, Green Sky Adventures, Inc brought a  Kitfox II on board last fall as a test bed for a number of projects, most importantly, our HKS 700 E conversion. The engine swap is now underway. Our goal is to  produce an installation package that not only demonstrates the qualities of this great powerplant to potential customers on a popular airframe, but to market that package as a standard for other future designs. Such a unified package will eliminate a tremendous amount of R&D time for those who recognize this advantage. Click HERE for images

Exhaust Systems
Undoubtedly, the best bet is any of the stock HKS systems. They are constructed with the same surgical quality as the engine and they are QUIET! If it is impractical to contain any of the stock systems within a particular installation custom systems are the alternative. The basic rules for the HKS 700 E: Run two into one, rather than individual stacks/mufflers. Avoid extreme tailpipe length or restrictive exits. Stainless Steel vs Mild Steel is much a matter of preference. We like mile steel, especially for prototyping. Ceramic coating the finished product enhances appearance, protects from corrosion, and insulates heat. Green Sky has welded seam 1 1/4" U-bends and other components available upon request. Click HERE for images

Mixture Control for HKS 700E
We have done some testing with our HACman mixture controller on the HKS. A year ago, while doing high altitude testing of our HKS powered Zippy Sport, a gradual drop in exhaust gas temperature was observed.  Not so much to preclude us from flying high, but enough to convince me  more power or greater economy would be the reward if only we could lean the mixture in flight.  Our HACman manual mixture control kit primarily for Rotax 2 strokes began shipping in late july and has been well received. Though plumbed differently for the Bing 64's on our HKS and Rotax 912s, the four stroke HACman similarly effects mixture by controlling atmospheric pressure within the carburetor's float chambers. Testing will continue for the next couple months, when a decision will be made on whether or not to market our unit for this four stroke application . For information see our HACman FAQ page. You are also welcome to phone or email.