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Micro Mong
Zippy Sport
...From our first HKS installation in 2003. The 9th engine swap for Zippy Sport
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Our Flanges and Mandrel bent tubes coming together for a Custom Exhaust System

More cutting and fitting 

Tac weld, then check fit

We once hoped by using the rear mount carbs, a lower cowl profile could be maintained. Here, motor mount interference rules that out

Going back to the top mount carburetors

We have mandrel bent tubes available now, in mild steel. These are excellent for proto type work. 180 U bends are $16.99 ea. 

Here, comparing one of the HKS stainless type 3 pipes with one of our U bends

The finished header which accepts the stock HKS collector and muffler

Early visualization trying to figure out the best location for accessories.

One thought was actually to mount the muffler back here, but eventually the space was used for Oil Tank Location.

This was just a thought, probably not a good one

Still thinking about using the stock Type 3 header with muffler way back

Considering a location for the Oil Tank. At this point we were still planning to mount the oil cooler up front below and ahead of the gearbox

Another consideration was cowl clearance from the carb throttle and choke

These nice factory supports could not be used when we swapped the carbs side for side. Initially, at least, that has not made a difference

Everything finally has come together.

Oil cooler needs to mount lower than the tank to prevent drain back after shut down

A heat muff was constructed to fit around the muffler and help duct it's heat away from the engine

The duct coming up from the heat muff allows air to flow through, cooling the engine compartment during operation, and just as important, to cool the engine compartment after shut down. Heat sensitive electric components are close by.  1st seven hours has worked A ok.