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Here are some images of custom exhaust components we have fabricated to compliment our HKS Kitfox conversion. Raw materials consist of HKS SS flanges, a variety of diameters of U- bends, and a generic industrial muffler. The motor mount and exhaust  system are the heart of our unified power package available from Green Sky Adventures, Inc. Pictured here, the exhaust system is almost ready for Ceramic Coating, which insulates heat and resists corrosion. Green Sky can quote the package in various forms from tack welded basic components to a turn key installation.
An individual builder can fabricate a custom installation from  basic Green Sky components, saving time and money. 
With a little effort, the basic shapes at left and below can be blended into an exhaust system that fits the mission. Slips joints mitigate effects of expansion and contraction. 
A ball joint type connection at left was ruled out on this occasion in favor of a larger tubing diameter sweep, joining the two legs of this collector and shortening up the turn.