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Micro Mong
Zippy Sport

Green Sky Adventures, Inc., has recently extended it's services to include the increasingly popular HKS 700E 4 stroke.
"We have been watching this engines development for the last few years, impressed by the manufacturer's dedication to very high quality, and product improvement.  Green Sky has taken on sales, service, parts, and technical support at the retail level.  With over twenty years experience in this capacity, Green Sky's commitment to the HKS brand is a signal to our loyal customers,  they can consider this engine, with confidence that there is long term support available.   We had just taken delivery of our first 700-E, prior to this year's Sun n Fun.   At that show, Green Sky president, Gerald Olenik worked the HKS distributor's (Flightstar HPower) booth, broadening his familiarity of the HKS 700-E. We are currently installing a 700-E on our Zippy Sport.  ...The ninth engine to power this airframe, replacing a Rotax 582.  There is a lot of excitement about this conversion and it's potential for countless other designs we wish to convert.  You should be able to see the Zippy with the HKS at Oshkosh. Feel free to call, toll free, 888 887-5625. or see us at

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