HKS 700E Comparison 582
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  HKS / Rotax Cross Brand Trades
July, 2013
Green Sky Adventures, Inc., offers a trade incentive for U.S customers who want to replace their 2 strokes with the HKS-700E or HKS-700T. In most cases, Green Sky will accept Rotax 503 and 582 DCDI and 447 SCDI UL Series engines, in trade, against the purchase price of a new HKS-700e 60 HP 4 stroke or HKS-700T 80 HP 4 stroke. The program should appeal, particularly to those who already recognize the economic advantages of an HKS, but need to extract the value of their existing powerplants without the hassle and responsibility of a private sale.   In most cases, Green Sky can also assist in the conversion process by providing consulting, technical expertise, or total mounting solutions. Phone Green Sky Adventures, Inc.  toll free 352 475-5625 or any email contact at 

Trade values:
447 SCDI $900
503 DCDI $1200
582 DCDI $1500

Values are based on complete powerplant trade in, with drive, carburetors, drive, starter, etc.