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Engine Overhaul and Remanufacturing

Engine Overhaul and Remanufacturing services are available through Green Sky Adventures, Inc., on request.
Typically, this service addresses items referenced in the Rotax Maintenance-Plan under the column headings of 150 hour and 300 hour, respectively.
Our goal is, to reset the remaining useful hours of your powerplant prior to any failure. We believe this plan is the second best way to avoid engine failure. The surest way, is to never fire it up.

Whether at 150 hour service, or 300 hour service, engines are:
  • Totally disassembled
  • Piston / Cylinder clearances are checked and recorded
  • Crankshaft runnout is checked, 3 times, Before disassembly at 2 points  After disassembly, at 4 points, and After final assembly at 2 points
  • Parts are cleaned and inspected
  • (Optional)Powder coat is applied to Crankcase, Cylinders, and Head (582), Crankcase and Fan Tower (447 & 503). (if this process was performed previously, it is not repeated)
  • Relevant resistance values are checked on electrical components.
  • Reassembled with all new seals and gaskets.

The 300 hour service, for the most part, is a repeat of the 150 hour service, with exception of Crankshaft replacement.
Recommended replacement interval for Crankshafts in Rotax UL series 2-stroke engines is 300 hours or 5 years. Although this recommendation has been considered controversial by some, it is followed, to the letter, on all liquid cooled 2-strokes receiving Green Sky Engine Services. For air-cooled 2-strokes, we will consider extended replacement interval at owner request if we are convinced the increased risk of running past TBO is not significant.

All other parts are replaced based "on condition"
Leaks in Primary Combustion Area
Though a little rare, the picture at right shows a failed crankshaft seal on this 503. What's not rare, at left,  is to find indications of moderate or worse seal leaks on most engines when performing the 150 hour teardown inspection. This is why we regard the 150 hour service recommendation interval as valid and prudent


Green Sky also will provide "total" reman on request. Component replacement and service for remanufacturing, parallels that provided for the Green Sky  "Program Engines"  the only difference being, that powder coating is one color.

100% Replacement parts on Remanufactured Engines

  • All Seals and Gaskets
  • Crankshaft Assembly, complete with Rods and all Bearings
  • Rotary Valve Shaft*
  • Rotary Valve Bearings*
  • Rotary Valve Line*
  • Fan Belt*
  • Fan Bearings*
  • Oil Injection Output Lines and Clamps
  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Wrist Pins
  • Wrist Pin Bearings
  • Circlips
  • Ignition Stator (optional)
  • Ignition Pickups (optional)
  • Ignition Cable
  • Sparkplug Protection Caps
  • Solid Terminal NGK B8ES or BR8ES Sparkplugs

  • *When applicable
    To view an actual work report, follow the link below. This was an "On Condition" type overhaul as described above, which cost the owner about $800 after shipping. The page might be a slow download, but it could be worth your time if this type of service is in your future. To estimate your work try Overhaul Cost Calculator
     View an actual web based Work Report
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