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Micro Mong
Zippy Sport
Two-Stroke Package Price 
 Includes Pre-wired Cable for Fast and Easy Installation  $564.30  BUY

 Select one of the options below if you wish to make use of the Auxiliary input on your EIS

  • BUY Fuel Level Probe -- Electronic capacitive type. No moving parts makes it easy to install. --$95
  • Tachometer -- accurate to 10 rpm 
  • Dual EGT includes senders* 
  • Dual CHT includes senders*  
  • Coolant Temperature -- for liquid cooled engines (order sender separately below)
  • Hour Meter
  • Flight Timer
  • Volt Meter
  • Warning Light
  • Auxiliary Function

  • Airspeed Option   $195 BUY

    For Liquid Cooled
      Coolant Temperature Probe -- $25.30 BUY

      *CHT / EGT cable provided is 4 ft length. When combined with sender leads, the total is approximately 6 ft. 

      For additional length on twin cylinder engines order
      EXTRA-CAB --$4.80 per ft.  BUY
      (This will provide cable for 2 EGTs and 2 CHTs for every foot ordered)
    • Pre-wired Power Cable 
    • Requires 12 volt DC.
      If you already have a battery and charging system, you are all set. Otherwise order

      Full Wave Reg/Rec   -- $54.95 BUY

The EIS is a high quality product of
Grand Rapids Technologies, Inc.
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