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Micro Mong
Zippy Sport
updated May 6 2003
Four Stroke Package Price
4000 & 6000 for Continetal, Lycoming, & others
Two Stroke Package Price
EIS & Options Price List
How it works
Display Pg W/O Altitude/VSI Option
Display Pg With Altitude/VSI Option (2-stroke)
Mounting Dimensions

Advanced EIS - Model 6000
6 cylinders of EGT and CHT
26 Functions

Advanced EIS - Model 4000
4 cylinders of EGT and CHT
22 Functions

Functions :
4 or 6 Exhaust Gas Temperatures
4 or 6 Cylinder Head Temperatures
Oil Temperature
Oil Pressure
4 Auxiliary Inputs user configurable can provide:
Manifold Pressure (normally aspirated or turbo)
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Level (using capacitive or float-type sending units)
Coolant Pressure
and more…
Outside Air Temperature
Carburetor Temperature
Hour meter
Flight Timer with Interval Timer


Comprehensive Leaning Functions – The best available at any price.
Alarms on all functions, most with upper and lower limits
2 User-defined Combination Screens
User - selectable labels for auxiliary inputs
Label/Data Flip-Flop identifies all data on combination pages
Serial Output – Allows data recording using a laptop PC
Serial Input – Provide for growth to interface with other systems

Special EGT/CHT Alarms detect problems – easily!
EGT Span - Max difference between highest and lowest EGT
EGT Max - Absolute limit. Always active.
EGT Min - includes user RPM activation point so this limit is only active when above the this RPM threshold
EGT Cruise Mode Hi and Low Alarms - Alerts you to subtle changes in EGT after leaning
CHT Shock Cooling - Max cooling rate
CHT Span - Max difference between highest and lowest CHT

What makes the EIS the best automated engine monitor/analyzer available?

LARGE, sunlight-readable, backlit display is EASY to read. No games to play to figure out what is being displayed. No flickering displays. Simple, continuous readouts of all cylinders at one time. User-customizable pages.

Flexible Leaning Pages – Most instruments allow you to lean according to the technique the instrument designer had in mind - a necessary compromise due to the limited information provided on their small displays. The EIS uses a 32-character display, and 5 different pages of EGT data. This makes leaning your engine easy, no matter what your leaning technique.
Graphical and Digital Displays -- Not sure of your preference? Don’t worry. We give you both. Our graphical displays have better resolution than any of the big name monitors.
Cruise Monitor – Direct display of the EGT trends during the course of your flight. Digital and graphical. Dedicated alarms.

EIS Leaning Function - The EIS tells you which cylinders are past peak, which cylinder peaked first, and how far each cylinder is away from peak.

Value - Save fuel and increase range by leaning correctly. Reduce maintenance costs by detecting problems early, and diagnosing problems to the affected cylinder (or better) thanks the extensive monitoring and alerting provided by the EIS.

No-fear installation - Color coded cables with easy-to-understand wiring diagrams. All inputs are protected from damage due to wiring errors or aircraft electrical problems. If you find a way to damage it during installation, we will fix it at no charge.
Options :
Fuel Flow System – Provides flow rate, fuel remaining, and time until empty. Includes a FloScan Fuel Flow Sending Unit. Accurate to better than 1%.
Altimeter & VSI

1-year trial period. If you don’t like it for any reason, we will refund you money any time in the first year after purchase.

2-year warranty for parts and labor for instrument and all probes and accessories.

Lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

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