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June, 2012  

It is our desire to provide the most complete kit possible and for our builders to enjoy building, flying, and owning their Micro Mong Biplane. With that goal in mind, Green Sky Adventures, Inc. has a preference to include the "Power Plant Package" with the kit. 
A number of engines qualify to power the Micro Mong if weight and power are the only considerations. Desire for reliability, economy, and longevity narrow the choices to just one, the HKS-700e 60 HP 4 stroke. 
The fact remains, however, some builders may already own such a power plant, or for various other reasons would prefer to delay purchase of this major component package till later in the construction process. To accommodate that scenario, Green Sky Adventures, Inc. does offer an "airframe only" kit which consists of the following:

Plans, Assembly Manual, 1 serial number and license agreement to build.

Welded Components
  • Fuselage, Stabilizer, Elevator, Rudder, "I" Struts
          Finish welded, and primed
  • Control Stick, Torque Tube, Rudder Pedals, Landing Gear Axles, Tail Wheel Assembly, Tie Rod, and Aileron Horns.   Finish welded and Powder Coated, Black.
Please Note: The "Airframe Only" kit does not include Motor Mount. Motor mount comes with the "Power Plant Package" or can be purchases separately.

Other Control System Parts
  • Bell Cranks, Push/Pull Tubes, Rod Ends, Piano Hinge, Brake Cable, & Housing, Throttle Lever

Other Landing Gear Components
  • Heavy wall Aluminum Gear Legs, Tail Wheel Tire, Main Wheels, Tires and Brakes.

Rigging Kit
  • Flying Wires, Landing Wires, Tail brace Wires.
             All made up to proper lengths finished with Stainless Steel Strap Fork ends, Identified and packaged.

Wing Kit
  • Includes Aluminum Tubular Spars Cut to Length and Pilot Drilled, Compression and Diagonal Members Cut to Length and Pilot Drilled, One ea. Finished Wing and Aileron Rib, Material for remaining Ribs, Material for Tip Bows, Trailing edge and Leading Edge. Wing Struts, Machined Fittings, Cockpit Cutout. Wing Root Faring Material and Trim.

Finish Kit
  • Fiberglass Nosebowl, Top Cowl, Rubber Trim Strip, Material for Firewall, Boot Cowl, Cowl, and Belly. Material for Seat, Seat Back, Instrument Panel, and Floor. 9 Gallon Polypropylene Fuel Tank, Pre-bent Windshield, Fabric, and Glue. Seatbelt and Shoulder Harness.

  • AN Hardware is supplied and used throughout the Micro Mong assembly. Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Cotter pins, and CamLoc fasteners (for Cowl). Hardware is identified, and packaged with each assembly as appropriate

Assembly Manual and Detailed Plans
  • The Micro Mong Kit evolved from a plans package developed by Ed Fisher of Racair Designs. Complete plans / construction drawings come with the kit. With most details drawn full scale, parts and assemblies can be easily identified and assembled. 

Price and availability subject to change without notice
$10,980 complete kit as described above
Uncrated for customer pickup. Crating $900

FOB Hawthorne, Fl 32640 U.S.

50% Deposit with order
Balance 2 weeks prior to Shipping


 Micro Mong Airframe Only Kit  $10,980
Micro Mong 2XF Engine / Power Plant Package HKS-7e, 60 HP 4 stroke, GSC  Tech II Prop, EIS instrument package with Altimeter, Airspeed, and more! $13,984
 Micro Mong Kit with HKS Powerplant Package. Save $1,000 2012 $23,964
 Builder Assistance Add our Help package, and your Micro Mong will be ready to cover.  $5,135
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