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The Micro Mong was designed by Ed Fisher, of Northeast Ohio. (Not to be confused with another Fisher named Mike. They are not related.) Ed First designed the Zippy Sport, which was officially introduced 1983, and was marketed through Fishercraft. Green Sky Adventures, Inc., a Rotax Service Center in NE Ohio, eventually bought the "proof of plans" prototype Zippy Sport from Ed in 1986. The aircraft was put to immediate use to gain knowledge on the operation of Rotax engines on fast (relatively speaking) airplanes and serves that purpose still, today with HKS. Eventually, Green Sky purchased the design rights for the Zippy Sport, and Plans are currently still sold for that design.

Ed went on designing other airplanes. His "Skylite" Ultralight gained a lot of attention, winning Grand Champion Ultralight at Oshkosh in 1991. Under the name of Raceair, plans and components were developed and marketed for the Skylite. Green Sky Adventures, Inc added some Raceair items to its product line shortly thereafter.

For Oshkosh 93, Ed was back with another new design, the Micro Mong. Inspired by the legendary Mong Sport, and its designer Ralph Mong, Ed had set out to replicate the timeless elegance of that Midget Biplane but to do it in such a way as to conform to FAA part 103 regulation. That was no small task! Usually, replica airplanes are smaller than what they are replicating. With the Micro Mong "Ultralight", the opposite was true. Primarily, there was no way to get within the calculations for part 103 with less wing area than the Mong Sport. Some other "calculated" factors that allowed the racy little plane to conform were partially exposed engine, engine HP/propeller combination, and permanently deployed full span flaps (the ailerons were drooped about 3 degrees)

Ed worked diligently, after Oshkosh, and within a few months, his Raceair Company began selling plans and components for the Micro Mong. Just as with the Skylite, Green Sky added the new Raceair items to its product line. Plans were made to have the Micro Mong at Green Sky?s Sun n Fun booth in April 1994.

Green Sky Adventures, Inc. president, Gerald Olenik, was so impressed with the Micro Mong, that within three months, he and his brother formed Pyma Lake Aircraft Corp, purchased the Micro Mong design, and arranged exclusive marketing through Green Sky Adventures, Inc. Pla Corp. built the proof of plans aircraft, then built steel jigs and fixtures and organized many details for kit production. A plan to move the operation to Florida prior to establishing a dedicated production team commenced late in 1996. The following year, Green Sky Adventures, Inc., acquired the assets of Pla Corp. and the exodus to Florida began.

Green Sky management believes "biplane nostalgia" helps make the Micro Mong?s popularity timeless. Though single place / open cockpit, undoubtedly limits that popularity, pilots drawn to such configurations share a passion barely comprehensible to others.

The slow process of relocation from Ohio to Florida has kept  Micro Mong kit production in limbo. Plans sales have continued, and quite a few builders have completed their aircraft. Much of the promotional material and information describing details of the kit has been updated. However the Micro Mong design remains pretty much frozen. Differences between Kit  and Plans versions are so few, that an original plans set is still supplied with the Micro Mong kit as the primary "Bible" for assembly.

HKS-700e 4 stroke power is perhaps the most exciting improvement to this great little plane. It's as if the engine was designed specifically for Micro Mong application. Green Sky Adventures, Inc. has been flying, testing, and marketing this outstanding powerplant for a few years. The power, reliability, economy, and longevity of this lightweight 4 stroke add a dimension to light sport flying that does not otherwise exist. Such an improvement plus the infancy of Sport Pilot, and renewed interests in the Micro Mong should certainly be worthy of a suffix. Extra power, extra range, extra reliability and 2 times the strokes is easily 2 times the fun. Micro Mong 2XF.

The flight report and commentary written by Green Sky Adventures, Inc. president Gerald Olenik beginning in early 1994 is still valid and accurate. http://www.greenskyadventures.com/MMflightreport94.htm