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Micro Mong
Zippy Sport
Builder Assistance
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Micro Mong Builder Assistance
Reduce Build Time
Accomplishes many tasks, normally required of the builder

    • Finish Drill and Ream all holes to proper size.
    • Install Tail surfaces
    • Finish cutting, assembling, and installation of Control system
    • Finish construction of remaining Wing Ribs, and Install on Wings
    • Finish Aileron Ribs
    • Assemble and Install Ailerons
    • Finish Forming Wing Tip Bows and Install
    • Form Leading Edge and Install
    • Install Top Wing Trailing Edge
    • Prepare and Fit Top Wing Center Cutout for final assembly.
    • Install Landing Gear
    • Assemble Wheels, Tires, and Brakes, and Install
    • Cut, Fit, and install Seat bottom and Back.
    • Install Seat Belt and Shoulder Harness
    • Cut, Fit, and install Floor board
    • Cut, Form, Fit, and install Boot Cowl Formers
    • Cut, Fit, and install Firewall
    • Install Instrument Panel Blank. (Cut outs optional)
    • Cut, and Fit Fuel Tank straps, and install Fuel tank
    • Install Motor Mount
    • Fit Nose Bowl, Top Center Cowl, and Top Boot Cowl
    • Cut, Form, Fit and Install Belly Pan
    • Cut, Form, Fit and Install Boot Cowl
    • Cut, Form, Fit and Install Cowl
    • Cut and Form windshield mount Tabs from 4130 Strip
    • Fit and install Windshield
    • Cut, Fit, and Install Fuselage Stringers.
    • Cut, Form, Fit, and Install Throttle Lever
    • Cut, Form, and Fit Wing Root Fairings

    VALID 2012. Price and availability subject to change without notice