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Welcome to the Green Sky Engine Packing  page. 
One of the most challenging aspects of selecting Our Specialized Rotax Aircraft Engine Service instead of a local technician is getting your engine to us, safely and economically. Below are some ideas on packaging for UPS or other shipping.


There are at least a couple of approaches to container selection.
  1. The large, light-weight container with lots of internal packing
  2. The heavier compact container with structural integrity that secures the contents within.
    Either way can work. 
    A problem, with large light containers is they generally become very bulky by the time they are big enough to contain sufficient internal packing. Bulky packaging probably has little disadvantage in mechanized handling, but ultimately, it is moved by human hands. This is where it may be subject to abuse, either accidental, or intentional. This container is generally considered "single use".. Meaning, you start with a brand new heavyweight cardboard box. If there is damage and a UPS inspector observes an obviously used container they will most likely reject a claim.

    Obviously, we prefer the heavier compact container.
    It is your best shot of getting an engine shipped safely. 
    Other ideas?
    Less is better. There are some accessories and parts on your engine that may not require service at the same interval, or that may be shipped separately. (nobody ever said you have to send the whole thing in one box.)  Are you, or your local mechanic capable of removing and reinstalling such items? 

    Our thoughts here, are not the end all to engine shipping, but they are based on twenty years experience in that endeavor. 

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