Oil System

Exhaust Systems

Control and Monitoring

The HKS 700E was designed with a dry sump oil system. It must be installed with an external oil tank and oil cooler. These parts of the oil system are important parts to keeping the engine well cooled and lubricated. The engine is actually equipped with three gerotor oil pumps integral to the engine. One pumps oil into the engine and provides the oil pressure to the bearings. Then there are two scavenging pumps that return the oil back to the oil tank from the crankcase and cylinder head. The oil returns to the oil tank which serves two functions. The oil tank is the main reservoir and low point in the system for draining. It is also designed to turn frothy oil back into a liquid. On the way from the engine part of the oil passes through an oil cooler which is necessary for keeping the engine cooled. Oil returns to the engine from a lower point in the oil tank.  Click here for HKS 700E specific oil system accessories. Also check out our Oil Cooling components.

04Y-446 HKS Oil Filter


059-001 Oil Tank w/ Mounting Kit


04Y-472 Oil Tank Bracket


04Y-462 Oil Tank Clamps


The base HKS 700E engine does not come with an exhaust system. Several different configurations of exhaust shown below are available or a custom exhaust system can be made. Please note that lead time for some exhaust configurations can be several weeks.

Type 1 Exhaust

Type 2 Exhaust

Type 4 Exhaust

Type 5 Exhaust

Type 6 Exhaust

The base HKS 700E engine controls include:

  • Throttle
  • Choke
  • Ignition
  • Starter

The monitoring includes:

  • Tachometer (RPM)
  • Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature


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04Y-312 Throttle Cable


04Y-313 Choke Cable


04Y-352 HKS Tachomoter


VDO Oil Pressure Sender for HKS



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