'55 Merc Montclair 2 Door Hardtop is For Sale!!
Custom Restoration

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Custom Restoration
More "thumbs up" than a new Vette
Best looks and drive from a 55.



  • Ford 302 V8
  • Edelbrock - Holley
  • Ford C4 Automatic Transmission
  • Stock 302 Ex Manifolds with Dual Exhaust (great sound)
  • Power Front Disc Brakes 

  • Finished in 2005, this is a "Perfect Driver" not a perfect car. The owner poured in the buck$, plus blood, sweat, and tears to rescue this classic that Ford built 60 years ago. The Merc begs to be driven, and this cannot be emphasized strongly enough. That is the perfect part! If you like old cars, this one will put a smile on your face, that is seriously contagious. Since taking stewardship of it in early December, it's been my pleasure to show it off several times a week as a cool ride to town. It gets waves, thumbs up, and smiles from small children to old ladies, and everyone in between. It causes conversations with strangers I've known for 15 year. You just can't do that with a perfect car, for fear it will be devalued. If it were flawless, it could not be so casually displayed, and in reality, its significance would be as  inconsequential as a few shares of xyz stock. So, this is another one of those opportunities to relive your youth, or fantasize about the way things once were. $12,900. All reasonable offers considered.   

    Green Sky Adventures, Inc.

    PH 352 475-5625 or 352 318-5625 Cell

  • Alternator 12 Volts!! 
  • Heat and AC 
  • Auxilary Radiator
  • Rear Battery
  • Original Chrome (stainless) available
  • Or would you like to build your own?