Ultralight Found in Barn!

Sorrell SNS-8 Hiperlight

This Hiperlight was flown by it's original owner until just a couple years ago. He has since passed on to bluer horizons. The plane has been carefully stored since that time. One of the best flying ultralights a person could ever ask for, but if you are familiar with the Hiperlight, you already know that. If you are not, look around the web a little, and you will be hard pressed to find a negative word about this great design.  It is light and responsive, but not the least bit unstable. It is off the ground nearly as fast as you can open the throttle, and climbs out like it's on an elevator. It's overall cleanliness gives it a glide ratio uncharacteristic of your average ultralight. That translates to low power settings for cruise, quiet operation, and really low fuel burn. The spacious cockpit can fit most any size pilot. The original 377 Rotax starts easily, usually with one pull of the rope from inside the cabin. The engine is original, and has undergone a complete teardown inspection within the last few weeks, (5 hours run time since), all parts were found within service limit, new seals and gaskets were installed at assembly. Everything about a Hiperlight screams quality, and the overall condition is amazing, for being original, and twenty-six years old!  For anyone looking for a 4 stroke Ultralight, this would be an excellent candidate for the little JCV 360 35 hp Verner. We actually sold a 60 hp HKS 700E to one builder a few years ago, and a couple more to builders of the Hiperlight 2 place.