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March 3, 2010
This page is being created to provide some basic information on various aircraft and projects we have worked with over the past 27 years. ...A scrap book, more or less, in no particualar chronological order. 
Volksplane I
Purchased from a private individual, it started out as an EAA chapter project around Brockport New York. Chapter 44. When we came upon it, it was an abandoned rebuild project.


Above right, but with wings, the VW we first flew the VW with Rotax 503. Prop selection was night and day difference with that combo. (Tube structure in photo is Zippy 83ZS during first rebuild around 1989). Later, refurbished and fitted with Rotax 532 SINGLE CARB 61 hp. This was a good performing combination on a sturdy and stable airframe.

Aeronca 7AC Champ -  Rotax 532 DC 65hp 2-Stroke replaced the Continental A65

By adding 45 lb of steel plate to the motor mount, CG was kept within reasonable limits. Even with the ballast, empty weight of the aircraft was reduced by about 40lb. With half fuel and 2 190 lb souls on board, CG was only about 1/2 inch behind max certified limit. Performance was substantially improved compared to the heavier Continental and metal prop. In this configuration, and solo, it could loop out of level flight. TT in this configuration was about 165 hr.