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As founder and president of Green Sky Adventures, Inc, I have been honored to receive numerous awards on behalf of this company. Whether you are searching for  engine service, buying an engine or any of our products, do so with confidence that you will be treated fairly and professionally. The well of experience at Green Sky is deep and our valued customers are welcome to tap in.
Gerald J. Olenik, Pres.
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April 1999 Service Center Award
Rotax Warranty Support
April 1998 
Warranty Processing

1996 Master Service Center Award
1995 Master Service Center Award
1993 Best 
Rotax Engine Technical Support
1993 Best 
Rotax Aircraft Engine Warranty  
1993 Best 
Repair Station Program 
1992 Sun 60 (60 mile)Air Race
Not Rotax, but fun. Cessna 185 Average speed 175.9 mph.