Mixture control for HKS, Jabiru, and Rotax aircraft engines. HACman will save twenty to thirty percent on fuel.
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HACman 64
Manual In-flight Mixture Control Kit for Bing CV carburetors used on HKS 700-E, Jabiru, and Rotax 912 series 4-stroke engines

Increase range, endurance, and economy!
EGT samplings
Zippy Sport-HKS June 2008
Wide open throttle climbing at 80 to 85 indicated mph.
1000 ft 5500 rpm 1380 degrees F EGT full rich
2500 ft 5500 rpm 1329 degrees F EGT full rich
4000 ft 5460 rpm 1270 degrees F EGT full rich
6000 ft 5380 rpm 1400 degrees F EGT leaned to 1400
9000 ft 5320 rpm 1370 degrees F EGT leaned to peak EGT
Wide open throttle cruise at 96 mph indicated
9500 ft 5560 rpm 1360 degrees F EGT leaned to peak EGT
9500 ft 5480 rpm 1193 degrees F EGT full rich
Reduced power cruise
9500 ft 5280 rpm 1330 degrees F EGT leaned to peak POWER

Ok, so how might this relate to fuel burn on your engine?
Here are a couple of examples. One on a Jabiru 3300, the other, a Rotax 582 2 stroke
Jabiru 3300
Exhaust Gas Temperature must be monitored whenever attempting to change fuel mixture.
The operator must be aware that it is possible to lean past peak EGT.
Operating lean of peak is NOT recommended.
Without HACman Jabiru 3300

Here's the story without HACman
This Jabiru 3300 running full rich is burning over 40 percent more fuel than leaned with HACman.

Time: 13:37:41
Altitude: 6,200 ft
Speed: 106 Kts indicated
Vertical Speed: 0
Rpm: 2840
EGT: 1313
Fuel Flow 8.4 gph !!!!

With HACman Jabiru 3300

Here's the story with HACman

Time: 13:37:19
Altitude: 6200 ft
Speed: 106 Kts indicated
Vertical Speed: 50 fpm decent
RPM: 2850
EGT: 1473 
Fuel Flow: 5.9 gph

With $5 avgas, the difference will pay for HACman every 23 hours, and the value of extended range and endurance is just icing on the cake.

Rotax 2 stroke? Here's the story, check out the two images on the right. The Rotax 582 running without HACman is burning 4.9 gph at 1039 EGT
...Almost 29 percent more fuel than when mixture is leaned to 1138 EGT and 3.8 gph.
Rotax 582 without HACman
Having the ability to control fuel mixture in flight doesn't just make good sense, it makes Dollars. 

Have you ever made an unplanned fuel stop because a headwind cut into your range? Adding HACman mixture control is like putting in extended range tanks that never have to be filled! 
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Rotax 582 with HACman
 HACman 4 stroke kits are available starting below $200 including all lines fittings and clamps and installation instruction. More information is available from the drop down menu above or phone 352 475-5625 www.greenskyadventures.com

HACman is a single, panel mounted,
manual control for in-flight mixture management.