HACman Press Release
Green Sky Adventures, Inc.    of North Central Florida
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Jan 2007
Green Sky Adventures, Inc.

Introduces HACman 64
Manual In-cockpit Mixture Control Kit for Bing 64 carburetors used on HKS 700-E and Rotax 912 series 4-stroke engines

It?s like Free Gas For Bing 64 Carburetors!
Increase range, endurance, and economy!

Now, the benefits of Green Sky Adventures? HACman mixture control cross over to 4 stroke applications.  HACman was introduced  in 2004 for two stroke powerplants, effectively eliminating the requirement to rejet Bing 54 carburetors for altitude extremes or when changes in atmospheric conditions occur. HACman (High Altitude Compensator, manual) is an in flight panel mounted control.
The same technology has now been tested on Bing 64 carburetors used on HKS 700-E and Rotax 912 series 4 strokes.  Although constant velocity carburetors are modestly altitude compensating, substantial gains in efficiency can be realized as density altitude approaches 10,000 feet if mixture is leaned. In testing, at 9500 feet msl, fuel flow was reduced by more than 20% at high power cruise setting of 5500 rpm, from 2.91 gph to 2.32. In high altitude climb test with the HKS powered Kitfox, a 300 rpm increase (5500 vs 5800 at full power)  was realized at 8,000 ft. This yielded nearly 150 fpm increase in climb rate.  HACman 4 stroke kits are available starting at $159.95 (note 2007 pricing) including all lines fittings and clamps. More information is available from the drop down menu above or phone 352 475-5625  www.greenskyadventures.com

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HACman, above left is a single, panel mounted,
manual control for in-flight mixture management.