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July 2004
Green Sky Adventures, Inc. introduces HACman.

Manual In-cockpit Mixture Control Kit for Rotax 2-stroke UL series engines.
HACman, above left is a single, panel mounted, manual control for in-flight mixture management in Rotax and other 2 stroke engines. 

The new mixture control was designed to use as a stand alone unit, or in conjunction with our automatic High Altitude Compensating (HAC) system. It functions on the same principal as our Automatic HAC which mixes and controls veturi and float chamber pressure, but with HACman, mixed pressure is determined by pilot input. In a manual system, it is paramount that control input results are gradual, and anticipated without wild fluctuation. The Green Sky manual control, works incrementally by conventional, precise, vernier-type input that is counterclockwise to lean. The fine vernier movement of our metering needle gives a motion rate of only  .213 mm per half turn.
In testing, some notable advantages over automatic systems were discovered but the general benefit is an ability to richen or lean the mixture, at will, during flight. In recent testing, at 10,000' Density Altitude, climb rate was increased more than fifty percent by adjusting mixture for peak power which was about 25 degrees richer than peak EGT.  Other testing was conducted to 14,600 ft Density Altitude. Range of adjustment is approximately 80 to 100 degrees F on EGT, which makes it possible to run in the "normal operating range" at most any density altitude extreme without having to rejet. HACman is a bolt-on installation for current production Bing 54 36mm caruburetors. Green Sky Adventures, Inc., can economically modify previous production carburetor bodies to accept mixture control.
Preliminary work is underway to develop a similar system for the Bing 64 Constant Velocity Carburetors used on HKS and Rotax 912 series 4 strokes. Prices start around  $150 for the controller, lines, fittings, jets and clamps.  For more information Contact: Green Sky Adventures, Inc.
888 887-5625  www.greenskyadventures.com