Change to Voltage Regulator from Serial Number 100756

Starting with HKS 700E engine serial number 100756, a new voltage regulator began to be shipped with new engines. Some engines between serial numbers 100756 - 100763 were shipped with the new voltage regulator, part number 04Y-323. All HKS 700E engines from serial number 100764 shipped with the new voltage regulator.


If ordering a voltage regulator for an HKS 700E with serial number less than 100764, check which voltage regulator is being replaced. If old style is being replaced, and adapter cable, part number 04Y-350, is available.

04Y-350 Adapter Cable Harness

04Y-323 Voltage Regulator


04Y-350 Adapter Cable Harness


New Voltage Regulator 04Y-323

Old Voltage Regulator


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