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April 2010
Sun n Fun was Sun, Fun, and Wind, but mostly fun with a good turnout of existing HKS customers and prospects. Gerald J. Olenik, pres. Green Sky Adventures, Inc. was on hand at the APSU exhibit, just like Sebring. For this show, Jerry was given the opportunity to do the flying of the QuasarLite, which flew daily out of the UL strip. Mr Hasegawa, President and cofounder of HKS was on hand for one forum and a short media event. HKS engineer, Mr Taka and one former HKS engineer were also present, providing technical expertise on all facets of HKS engines. The HKS story is as impressive as the engines they produce.
Jan 2010
We had a great time at Sebring! The APSU team was a pleasure to work with, and our combined efforts are sure to help more lucky pilots choose HKS for their aircraft engine requirements. Click Here for a few Sebring Pics

Oct 29, 2009

Coming up on Christmas season, here's one of our favorite items for nearly 20 years The Engine Information System from Grand Rapids Technologies. There are versions of the  EIS for almost any application with pricing from around $500. Basic engine parameters like RPM, CHT, EGT, COOLANT TEMP, OIL TEMP , OIL PRESSURE and so forth are just a few. The proven robust EIS should be on your required equipment list, whether Aircraft, Boat, or Hotrod.  Details at EIS

July 01, 2008
There's more info out on our HACman mixture control. It has now been on the Market for 4 years. We have posted some fuel flow data and other information. If you fly an HKS, Jabiru, or Rotax. You need HACman. Reduce your fuel flow, not your flying. See more info HERESept. 21, 2007

More HKS 4 stroke conversions are coming! As it works out, our new mount package for the Fisher FP 404 is
nearly 100 percent "Turnkey" Ditto, for the Fisher Super Koala! See more info HERE
Aug 16, 2007 Aviation Across America
April 27, 2007Green Sky now have Challenger and Kolb installations for the HKS 700e. Our first Kolb out in Hawaii is just about ready for first oil change. The second will be flying soon. Our new Top mount Challenger is just about ready to go. See Challenger info HERE (watch for new kolb material on our web site soon.)

Sept. 11, 2006
Green Sky Adventures, Inc. has introduced a cross brand Trade In program accepting Rotax 2 stroke trades on the HKS-700e 60 hp 4-stroke. Click HERE for details

July 19, 2006
Oshkosh begins Monday July 24. Most orders during the week long event will be filled during the week of July 31. Gerald Olenik, president of Green Sky Adventures, Inc. will be flying the HKS powered Zippy Sport in from Florida. It most likely will be parked in UL parking near the red barn. Jerry will be working with HKS engines at he HPower exhibit in the UL area.

Kolb HKS update. We have been fortunate to begin communication with a Firestar owner on development of an HKS installation package for the Firestar and Firestar II.  We expect rapid progress on this following Oshkosh.

Quicksilver Sprint II. and HKS.   We're 99 percent with the Quicksilver Sprint II installation development. Thanks to the effort and cooperation of one dedicated owner, our goal of providing a "turn key" package is within sight. We currently have basic mounting, and accessory configuration locked in and readily available. We will get pictures and flight report up on our web site shortly after Oshkosh.

GT 400 HKS
This is as well proven as it is effective. Mounting packages are readily available.  Don't forget, we still take Rotax trades.

Rans S14 / 12 HKS update.  The Rans S14 and our "Low Rider" installation have proven to be better than expected. By keeping the engine as low as possible  and with Carburetors, Exhaust, and Oil Cooler ahead of the engine, CG works out great and drag is reduced.  The pilot of the first flying example with the mounting solution reports improved performance over the previous Rotax 582.  This concept has worked so well, it will be seriously considered for other upcoming popular top mount pusher conversions.

Zenith 701 / HKS. We currently have two owner installations in the works. One is a new scratch built example, the other is replacing a Rotax 582.  The first one should be flying in the next couple of weeks. To our knowledge, this will be the first HKS powered 701 in the US. Of course, we hope to follow up with these to make the HKS 700-E the logical power choice for this aircraft.

Kitfox / HKS
With over 150 hours on our converted Kitfox, and hours accumulating on other HKS Foxes. It's practically a given, the HKS-700e is the best game in town when powering the Kitfox.

April 3, 2006
Sun n Fun begins on Tuesday, April 4.  Most orders during the week long event will be filled during the week of April 10. Green Sky Adventures, Inc., president,  Gerald Olenik is scheduled for an HKS engine forum at 9 AM on Wednesday. He will also be available, during the show, to assist with HKS engines and other powerplant issues at the Hpower exhibit at Paradise City, the Ultralight area.

Feb 16, 2006
Flying the HKS. Wonder what it's like flying long cross country in a slow plane. A trip report of the HKS Kitfox trip to Oshkosh Airventure 2005 is complete. Click HERE to view

Feb 12, 2006
Sun n Fun HKS forum schedule. Contact Magazine has invited us to do a forum at Sun n Fun 2006. Gerald J. Olenik, president of Green Sky Adventures, Inc. is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5 at 9 AM.

Dec 12, 2005
We've been working with a several Rans Airaile owners and some of our vendors to develop a nice low profile  HKS-700e mounting package for that design. Please click HERE to check out the details.

Aug 30, 2005
The HKS and Kitfox combo have really worked well. We now have 103 hours on the conversion. A 35 hour round trip to Oshkosh was great experience.. There will be a flight report here, shortly.

July 05, 2005
At last, we have put up a page where you can buy your NGK Sparkplugs and Caps on line. The poplular B8ES and BR8ES are as low as $1.79 and OEM black caps $3.95 Click HERE to check it out.

May 16, 2005
We've added a couple of pages on HKS Mounting Details. If you're thinking about converting to the HKS 4 stroke, mounting may be easier than you think.  Click HERE to view the first page.  BTW as of May 13, 2005, the operating cost savings by changing to HKS from Rotax 582 on our Kitfox is around $670. We'll update that log frequently. It's at CLICK

May 03, 2005
Comparing cost of operation. HKS vs. 2-stroke. In 500 hours the economic waste of 2 stroke operations exceeds the cost of a new HKS-700e 4 stroke.  It's like paying for an engine you never get. Check it out HERE

Mar 25, 2005
HACman.  Our second production run of HACman inflight mixture control is under way. Shipments should resume by late next week. A slight upward price adjustment will take effect as soon as we get time to post it. ...Probably not before,
Sun n Fun. Click HERE for the order page and links.

Mar 24, 2005
Olenik Motors Corp. HKS powered Ranger Powered Parachute  prototype has been completed. Baron Taylor of the Powerchute Education Foundation is the first proud owner of this new design. A coordinated ninety day effort through Green Sky "builder assistance" has expedited results. Click for images. RangerEarly.     RangerPresent.

Jan 12, 2005
Green Sky throttle cables for  HKS
Our HKS throttle cable sets are ready to go. Though not the end all for every application, our cables sets have nylon lined
housings for minimal friction, and our cable housing adjusters are much easier to use. For more information, click HERE

Jan 03, 2005
Green Sky commits to the HKS powered Ranger PPC
We have taken on the task of completing the remainder of this Mission Specific PPC named Ranger. This aircraft is scheduled to begin a public relations transcontinental flight by Baron Taylor, of the PowerChute Education Foundation. For a preview, click HERE

Dec. 20, 2004
HKS News.
Our Kitfox HKS installation is complete and testing has begun. We are delighted by the results. Some dedicated web pages and an article will be prepared in the relatively short future complete with images and installation details. For now, to view some of the prop data and opinion, please select "prop testing" from the drop down menu above or click HERE

Dec. 01 2004
HKS News.
We're starting to add images of specific installations. Notice in the drop down menu above, new additions are the Skyraider and Titan.

Nov. 15, 2004
The use of HACman mixture control for the Bing 64 CV carburetor used on HKS 700E 4 stroke is now available. In testing, HACman was able to elevate Exhaust Gas Temperature approximately 150 degrees F at high altitude cruise of 9500 feet resulting in a 20 percent improvement on fuel economy. Click HERE for more information

Oct. 12, 2004
Check out our progress with motor mount and exhaust components for our Kitfox conversion package. This unified system will remove many hurdles facing those who want to make the move to a light weight dependable 4 stroke aircraft engine. Click HERE for information and images

Sept. 15, 2004
 There is enough going on with our involvement with the HKS 700 E, that we've started a special page listing short descriptions of current events. As projects progress, links will be added telling the rest of the story. Click HERE to have a look. While we were at it, our HKS home page has been updated a bit. HKS home

June 26, 2004 Our HACman manual mixture control kit production remains on schedule. Shipments are scheduled to begin on July 06. We are accepting phone orders now, and will activate on-line orders in the next few days. For information see our HACman FAQ page. You are also welcome to phone or email.

June 07, 2004
Press Release: We have completed initial testing of our In-Flight Mixture Control for Rotax 2-strokes. Similar to the popular automatic HAC, but manual, thus HACman Click HERE for details.
June 07, 2004
Finally, the "awards" images have been posted to our service awards page. Click HERE to view
May 28, 2004
We're changing the format of our site by adding Quick Links. These dropdown boxes should really save you time. Now, at a glance you can find what you're looking for or move on.

April 12, 2004
Sun n Fun Schedule: Green Sky Adventures, Inc. will be represented by company president Gerald Olenik assisting the Flightstar Hpower Exhibit in Paradise City. ...Wednesday thru Monday. Make sure to stop by and check out the HKS 700E or just to say hello  Also, there are  just a few HAC kits remaining in stock from the last shipment. 

 Feb 27, 2004
There are now drop down boxes to help navigate through the various pages of information on our Mixture Control. Also, an FAQ section has been added to share common questions and answers. 

Feb 19, 2004
We once again are stocking the popular "Widget" injection molded rib attach cup used on our Micro Mong, the Sky Lite, and many aftermarket tube spar applications like the CGS Hawk. Click HERE for pictures and shopping.

Dec 30, 2003
Bragging on us. Yes, Green Sky has received numerous prestigious awards over a period of years  Mostly related to product and customer support. Whether you plan to spring for a new HKS 700-E or you need mixture control on a 582, these awards should be an indicator that we're here for you, even after you put the wallet away. AWARDS

Dec. 05, 2003
Reinstated!  We have cleared up a misunderstandings that led to our 2-day pause of Repair Station Status, by removing. Rotax advertising, name, logos, etc from our site.  This should not  deminish the usefulness of our site, If there is something you don't see, or additional information needed, please email, or call.

Dec 03, 2003
Our Rotax Repair Station status has been "revoked" with little explanation. Advertising outside an area, is not within the scope of the Repair station, and the World Wide Web, is obviously outside our area. Their also may be some issue that we offer, support, and promote, the HKS 700-E which is a highly competitive alternate to Rotax 2 stroke, but there was no mention of this.
Click HERE for more details on our excommunication

Oct 07
The Zippy Sport has realy come alive with the HKS 700-E engine. A number of propeller combinations and performance test have been make.  All along, the big question was "Will the HKS have the punch?" ...It has. Click HERE to text and prop chart

Sept 25
Back from a long trip delivering one plane and picking up another ...39 hours of flying.  Our Kitfox II will be going through an engine swap, crossing over from Rotax 582 to HKS 700e.  For now, you can see some pix of the trip HERE

Sept 11
We've been selling and flying GSC propellers for over nineteen years! The propeller area of our site has been cleaned up a bit with drop down boxes to select size and rotation, plus a shipping preference page. Click on the Propeller link above or Check it out HERE

Aug 27
Our HKS prop test/selection page was activated a couple of days ago.  This will be updated with comments as different combinations are tried.  IF you are considering an HKS for an unproved installation, this information should be a help in making your decision. When you decide the HKS is for you, don't forget to call on us to buy it. Click HERE to view the prop page

Aug. 20 The HKS 700-E is now up and running in our Zippy Sport, formerly powered by Rotax 582. The HKS is proving to be an excellent 4-stroke alternative, with the right combination of dependable power, sound, smoothness and economy! Click HERE to preview images of the installation process.

Aug. 18, By request, over the next week or so, we will gradually be purging this web site from Rotax brand engines and parts. For a full explanation you can Click HERE once that link is active. If there is any Rotax specific information you wish to save, now would be a good time to act.

Aug. 12, This could finally be the day we fire up the HKS 700 E on our Zippy Sport. For current info on that installation, Click HERE

July 23, Oshkosh Airventure 2003. Our participation in the event may delay processing of certain orders. Effective today, before placing orders, please check Oshkosh updates, by clicking HERE

July, 12 New pricing on Rotax UL series engines, effective July 01, 03 click HERE and follow the links

June, 3 New Introductory price on Safety Wire Pliars. click HERE

May 21, Our Rotax Electric starter page is updated so you can now order starters, Reg/Recs, etc. on line. Follow the links through our Engine department, or click HERE

May 16, New images of progress on the HKS 700E installation on Zippy Sport N83ZS click HERE

May 6, New comparison of EIS Model 2000 vs advanced model 4000 and 6000 for Continental and Lycoming clickHERE

March 30,  New EIS Instrument page with new package for 4 Strokes.Click on Instruments below and follow the links, or just Click HERE

March 27,  New "Details" page and new Low prices for Automatic Mixture Control. (HAC) Click on Engines below and follow the links through Carburetion, or Click HERE

March 23, Check out a head to head cost comparison between the Rotax 582 and the HKS 700E. Click on
"Engines" below, then the appropriate Link, or click HERE

Mar 20, 2003 We are adding a Tech Tip page based on data we have collected for years. If popular, we can expand this with relative ease.  Click on "Engines" below, then the appropriate Link, or click HERE

Mar. 11, 2003 New Automatic Mixture Adjustment Instructions  Click HERE for details

Mar 08, 2003 Indiana State Ultralight Safety Seminar, Saturday, .  Coupon winners: Click HERE for details

Mar 08, 2003 Indiana State Ultralight Safety Seminar, Saturday, .  Coupon winners: Click HERE for details

Feb 24, 2003 How do we pack a Rotax Engine for ups shipping.   Or Engine Packing 101 Click HERE for details