Engine Information System

Green Sky Adventures has been using and recommending the Engine Information System (EIS) since the very first models were available. All of the essential instrumentation for most engines is included in one package. The EIS also include adjustable limits for values such as CHT or EGT to warn the operator when limits are exceeded.


We currently offer kits for both Rotax 2-stroke engines and HKS 700E engines. See the details before for what each kits includes.

EIS Kit for HKS 700E Engines

EIS Kit for Rotax 2-stroke Engines or Similar

The HKS 700E EIS kit from Green Sky Adventures includes:

  • EIS model 2004
  • Wiring harness
  • 2x Bayonet Style CHT Probes
  • 2x Clamp-on EGT probes
  • Oil pressure sensor
  • Oil temperature sensor


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The 2-Stroke Engine EIS kit from Green Sky Adventures includes:

  • EIS model 2000
  • Wiring harness
  • 2x 14mm under spark plug style CHT Probes
  • 2x EGT probes (Select clamp-on or compression fitting)


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