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Below is a listing of some of the Rotax exhaust components and their applications.
Tested performance variations are noted on certain combinations.
Current Feb 15, 2003 Pricing
This information is for reference only. 
Exhaust Shop
Manifolds / Elbows
Misc Exhaust Parts
Exhaust Cross Ref. Chart
Straight Muffler        973 191    $360.79
Straight Muffler        973 192    $360.79
Sidemount Muffler    973 198    $360.79
Sidemount Muffler    973 197    $360.79
Sidemount Muffler    978 840    $684.94
Fisher Style Muffler  973 203    $360.79
On 532 and 582, a special version of straight and sidemount mufflers is used. Their inlet cones are slightly shorter. No provision was ever made for a special inlet cone on the Fisher version. In testing, Green Sky has found a decrease of approximately 200 rpm and EGT increase of 75 degrees F,  using the Fisher style muffler and stock manifold and elbow.
90 Degree Muffler     973 274    $360.79
90 Degree Muffler     978 845    $684.94
2 x 90 Degree Muffler           (Obsolete)