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On-site Service From us to you..
C 185
  • Beneficial in situations where inspections, repairs, or scheduled maintenance are required which fall short of what may be considered "Overhaul".
  • Engine problems cannot often be totally divorced from a particular installation. 
For years, the vast majority of engines we have serviced arrived in boxes, without their respective airplanes. ...Probably the best and most economical approach for precautionary services like rebuild at recommended TBO.
  • Operational problems can sometimes be diagnosed and repaired, short of engine removal and teardown. For those situations, our on-site service is an option.
Following are some details of  the program Green Sky Adventures, Inc., is initiating.  Like any new program, there certainly are situations not foreseen. 
What's the guarantee?   You will be treated honestly and courteously, or not at all.
On-sight Rotax Engine Service
Introductory Rate
  • Figure the straight line distance in Statute Miles from your airport to:
  • Melrose Landing   Lat/Long:29-40.01473N / 081-57.30565W
  • Travel charge = that distance times $1.00.  Hourly rate following arrival =  $55.00  One hour minimum
  • Two for ones at the same airport are OK. 
Call or email for other details and arrangements. 
All is subject to change
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