GSC Ground Adjustable Propellers

Standard Features of GSC Propellers

GSC propellers have set a standard for quality ground adjustable propellers for more than three decades. Made from beautiful hardwood maple,  TECH II (2-blade) and TECH III (3-blade) propellers have the following standard features:

  •     Ground Adjustable
  •     CNC Milled Hub
  •     Single Blade Replacement
  •     Includes Protractor


Note: Due to the number of options, GSC propellers are not stocked. They ship from the factory in generally 1 - 2 weeks from receipt of payment. View in GSA Store.

Options for GSC Propellers

Blade Count:

"Tech 2" = Two-Blade,  "Tech 3" = Three-Blade


Aluminum Root Ends:

"A" = Aluminum Root End for Rotax 912 - 914. (not shown)


Leading Edge Protections:

"LE" = Urethane Leading Edge protection (recommended).


Propeller Diameter:

Available in 36 to 72 inch diameters in 2 inch increments.


Propeller Rotation:

Rotation Defined: Stand where it's windy, facing the wind. If the propeller is turning Clockwise, it's Right Hand (top side of the propeller arc is moving to the right).  If it turns Counterclockwise, it's Left Hand (top of the propeller arc is moving to the left).


Propeller Bolt Size:

1/4 inch or 8 mm.


Propeller Centering Hole Size:

25 mm for HKS 700E or Rotax 2-stroke with gearbox.

47 mm for Rotax 912


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