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The GSC In-Flight Adjustable propeller is no longer available, as of Sept 2011.

GSC in-flight, cockpit-controlled, mechanically adjustable propeller. The GTA, as it is called, is the result of many years of engineering and is a reliable, safe and solid performer

The popular GSC rock eastern maple hardwood blade
with composite leading edge - 8.5 lb
 $2,190 Complete, plus shipping
 $1,820.00 with customer supplied Warp Drive Blades
Please call to order
price is current as of Nov. 08, 2010

The GTA propeller is produced and assembled under strict quality control. It uses a vernier control cable from the cockpit which is calibrated to give one degree of pitch change for each revolution of the control knob. The vernier is linked to a push rod which activates a cam system inside the GTA hub. The cam then turns the blades for a full 18 degrees of pitch adjustment. This gives the propeller the reliability of a totally mechanical system. The GTA does require a hollow shaft-type gearbox to accommodate the push rod.

The GTA has a safety feature which will always return the blades to the fine pitch stop if the need should arise. A dual spring action applies pressure on the cam and hence the blades and fine pitch can be attained quickly by depressing the center of the vernier control.


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