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Micro Mong
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Micro Mong component pricing                  Jan 2004
Call or Email for availability before ordering
Fuselage: welded & primed. includes steel fin, and turtle deck hoop. Crating & shipping extra  $2450.00
Steel tube tail group, includes: Elevators, Rudder, Horizontal Stabilizer  $600.00
Landing Gear Welded components
Main Gear Stub axles  $90.00
Tail wheel assembly (less tire and hardware)  $90.00
Landing gear drag strut leg assembly set (includes welded components for both sides)  $175.00
Other landing gear components
Aluminum Heavy duty gear leg          (two)  $119.00
Aluminum tail Spring $25.00
3 inch diameter caster tire with bearings $15.00
11 x 4 x 5 Azuza Aluminum Wheels, Tires, Brakes (two each) with sealed ball bearings  $195.00
Other welded components
Control Stick  $50.00
Torque tube  $150.00
Elevator Belcrank  $50.00
Rudder Pedals           (two)  $90.00
Lower Lift Strut Fitting (two) $125.00
Motor Mount, Complete, with Barry Mounts. (For HKS-700E or Rotax 503) $600.00
Wing components
Wing Spar kit: Includes Aluminum tubing to make all 8 Wing Spars. Cut to dimension, and pilot drilled Jan 2015 $1140.00
Wing Supplemental Aluminum Materials (material for compression and drag struts, plus channel for fittings) $395.00
Machined Fitting for Wing attach. Pilot Drilled $235.00
Wing Rib Angles (46 pieces of Rib Angle. Enough to build all the Ribs) Aug 2017 $532.68.00
Rib attach cups (widgets) per pair. one for 2 1/4" diameter, one for 1 3/4" diameter Jan 2015 
Rib attach cups (widgets) per set. 22 for 2 1/4" diameter, 22 for 1 3/4" diameter Jan 2015