Jim Olenik

President, GSA Tech LLC

dba Green Sky Adventures

Jerry Olenik

February 14, 1954 - March 20,2018

Jim Olenik began his career in aviation as a Rotax engine mechanic for Green Sky Adventures, Inc in the early 1990's. As Green Sky Adventures transitioned toward supporting HKS engines, Jim worked behind the scenes performing the majority of HKS engine service and a large portion of the fabrication work for HKS engine installations as well as airframe builds. With the passing of founder and president of Green Sky Adventures, Inc., Jerry Olenik, that corporation is dissolved. However, Jim has formed GSA Tech LLC to carry on the spirit of the adventure for another generation with the same core principles of service to customers and to sport aviation as a whole.


If you are a long time customer, you will notice some things change, and some things will stay the same. This web site is one of the changes. We hope you like it, but please contact us if you have trouble finding something or something does not work correctly.

On March 20, 2018 Jerry Olenik, founder and president of Green Sky Adventures, Inc. passed away in his home from cancer that was diagnosed just a few weeks prior. He was born on Feb 14th in Youngstown Ohio, a son of the late Frank and Helen Turner Olenik. Gerald “Jerry” was raised on the family dairy farm in Wayne Ohio, and graduated from Pymatuning Valley High School in 1972. Jerry stayed and worked the family farm for a number of years. In his spare time he developed an interest in flying, and in airplanes. He earned his private pilot license, and then his instrument rating. He became involved in amateur built aircraft, and honed his skills in aircraft building and aircraft engine performance and service. Flying became his passion, and eventually his career. In 1982 he founded Green Sky Adventures Inc., and in 1997 moved the business to Florida. He was a member of  the Experimental Aircraft Association (Painesville chapter 860), and contributed a great deal to sport aviation over the years.


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