MOCAL Oil Coolers and Fittings

MOCAL oil coolers are tough, lightweight, and efficient. Cooler construction utilizes a variable number of pressed plates forming oil-ways, these contain "turbulators " to break down boundary layer effects in the oil flow oil allowing for maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure build-up. Oil-ways are separated by airway corrugations providing airways between the plates. Airway corrugations are also louvered to optimize heat transfer. The entire oil cooler is made from aluminum alloy braised into a one piece unit. Each is then tested by water immersion to a pressure of 170 p.s.i., sample coolers are put through even more exhaustive testing to ensure their stability under all conditions. Coolers are available in 235mm (12") and 11 5mm (6") core widths.  These are -10 fitting sizes for HKS engines. Contact us for other fitting sizes for other applications. See dimensional information at the bottom of this page.

115mm Matrix (210mm Over-all Width) w/-10 fittings:

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235mm Matrix (330mm Over-all Width) w/-10 fittings:

Aeroquip FC598-10 (5/8" ID) Oil Line Exceeds SAE 100R6: $6.87 per foot

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-10 Straight Fitting


-10 45 Degree Fitting


-10 90 Degree Fitting


-10 120 Degree Fitting


-10 150 Degree Fitting


-10 180 Degree Fitting



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