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Engine Services

Engine forum Saturday, Nov. 23, 2002
I  have been invited by 
EAA UL Chapter 149 to represent 
Green Sky Adventures, Inc., presenting an engine forum during that chapter's  Fly-in event.  The fly-in runs concurrently with Florida State UL competition at the famous 
South Lakeland Airport X49
Saturday, Nov 23, 2002. 
I hope to see you there,

Christmas is coming and so are some great gift ideas from 
Green Sky Adventures, Inc
  • Aircraft Plans Buy NowMicro Mong  or Zippy Sport Just $135 including postage ($150 outside US) For those of you who can open and view "tif" files, here is a link to a  FreeMicro Mong Sample Page 
  • Automatic Mixture Control for Bing 54 starting at only $169.00  
  • Loctite Products Kit NEW  An assortment of thread lockers, retaining compounds and gasket eliminator in convenient and economical dispensers. Loctite products included in the kit are: 222, 242, 271, 290, 515, 609, and 648.  For years, we have had requests for such an assortment. Each of these is within arm's length of a properly equipped Rotax Technician.  Don't run out. Seven 5 ML syringes. ... Now, from our tool box to yours... Only $36.95


Other AC For Sale
Tcraft Project, Flyable
Rebuilt 582 Rotax
Cessna A185E 300 HP
Quicksilver MX Sprint 447 $5,500.00
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New Zippy Sport Images
A Pilot's Point of View



Oct. 05 2002
Looking for low cost flying fun? 
Our 1941 Taylorcraft 
is complete and ferriable. $9800.
Here is a great flying Cessna 185 at an entry level price 

Click on the image for a link to details

Testing Testing Testing...
a BD-5's Rotax gets a Zippy Break-in

Click Image for details
GSC Props
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Automatic Mixture Control (HAC) is getting repackaged and repriced. The Kit can be added to many late model Bing 54 Carburetors. There are some more details on the Zippy Break-in link above or click HERE to go directly to HAC info. 
Also, you are welcomed to Call or email for more information. More will be posted on this as the kits begin arriving
Auxiliary alternator kit for Rotax 912 series

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Green Sky Newsletter, Winter 2002-2003   Micro Mong Component Pricing
available now!
Updated Mar 09, 02 
Rotax Service Information
  See Directions for viewing, plus commentary.
We are occasionally asked our thoughts in this regard, so this may be the beginning of our FAQ section, with a foundation of official Rotax documents


Propeller Inertia, Gearbox Installation,
B (includes links to images), C, & E.
912 Fuel Pump
Obtaining Service Document List for 912 UL 
Rotax Maintenance Plan
July 04, 02 Updates on Zippy Sport pages plus a New FAQ page
July 03, 02 New Mobile number
May 09, 02 New Toll Free number
Mar 09, 02  New, Engine Information System ® site
Mar 03, 02 added. Obtaining 912 Service Doc. List
Feb 25, 02 added Gearbox installation for  Type B, C, & E
See Rotax Service Information, Below, or click HERE



Owner Seminar Saturday, Sept. 28, 2002
From The New Kolb Aircraft Co...
"The fly-in was a huge success! The rainy weather that preceded the fly-in did not damper anyone's spirits. After the clouds cleared out Saturday morning, perfect weather for flying arrived!"...
Click HERE  for some pictures, or check in on 
The New Kolb Aircraft Co
Engine Information System
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Now Order Plans for Zippy Sport or Micro Mong.  on line
 $135 ppd in U.S. add $15 Outside U.S
Zippy Sport
Micro Mong
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Engine Services Engine Services

Improved Service 
Unless you have looked at our site, or have talked to any of our recent customers, many of you don't know that we still do perform service on
Rotax UL series engines...Just like we have for over seventeen years except maybe better. By giving up the "Authorized Service Center" the
service side of Green Sky, in several ways, has improved. Over the years, our strong point has been much more on the technical side rather than
merchandising. It is gratifying, having received awards for: Best Warranty Service: Best Technical Support; Best Repair Station Program; Best
Customer Service; Master Service Dealer, and so forth. While our overhaul service and documentation has been top notch for years, now,
without the pandemonium of the "Service Center" our engine work is performed much more methodically and without interruption. To you, that
means even higher quality work, less chance of a mistake, and more personalized assistance if you require it.

"Yes, we'll still sell you an engine,
and if you need special help determining what parts you might require while performing your own work, I will be happy to see to it that you get
what you need. " just call toll free! 888 887-5625 or e mail

Contact information for 
"... Authorized Kodiak Service Centers for Rotax Aircraft Engines" 
plus all official Rotax Service Documents are available on the "rotax owners" web site. 

Just click on the links.

If you have any difficulty navigating this site, please contact us, and we will make every effort to correct the problem.
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