Oshkosh schedule for Green Sky Adventures, Inc
Green Sky Adventures, Inc.    of North Central Florida
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Micro Mong
Zippy Sport
Company president, Gerald Olenik, will be attending.

Look for Jerry at the Flightstar/Hpower exhibit in the UL area.

Zippy Sport with HKS installation 95% complete will be on display. This is a twenty year anniversary for this Zippy Sport. It was at this event in 1983 that N83ZS placed no. 3 out of 17 entries in the Dupont/Western Flyer design contest. Do you know what placed 1 and 2?

Estimated departure date is Thursday evening, Jul 23.  Orders placed early Thursday should be OK for normal processing. Before placing internet orders, verification by phone (cell 352 318-5625) or by email is recommended.

Oshkosh 2003 is obviously history. We worked into the wee hours hoping to have our Zippy there as more than a static display. Eventually there was just no time to procure a data cord, software, charger, and expertise to edit this web site from our laptop at Osh. Sorry.

I worked the Flightstar Hpower booth Tuesday through Monday. It was indeed a pleasure to meet up with many of our old friends and new future old friends. Though my capacity for Hpower, was specifically targeted to representation of the HKS 700 E 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine, I learned enough about the Flightstar and CT (light sport aircraft) to converse semi intelligently on those topics.