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Engine Inspection / Maintenance Log and Work Report
Date 06/29/01
Serial No. 3916836
Model No. 582
Aircraft Installation  (on what is the engine used) Rans S-10
Owner / Operator Information
Name Tom Rebholz
Street Address 6406 Piedmont Rd
City Madison
State Wi
Zip 53711
Phone Business 608 266-5585
Phone Home 608 274-7423
Engine detail
Total hours of operation 176.3 Approximate MFG Date 1990
Original Owner? (yes no) yes Exhaust style Straight??
Starter Type Rotax MESK Gearbox Type, Configuration & Ratio B Up 2.58
Fuel Grade and Brand premium Oil Grade, and Brand unknown
Oil injected (yes no) yes Oil mix Ratio

Reason for service at this time
Precautionary  150 hour scheduled maintenance Failure no Specific Problem Suspect mag end seal leak Other
Owner had properly prepared the engine  for flat rate service removing accessories prior to shipping, thus, avoiding unnecessary "Extra Labor Charges". 
see "4 view" below. 
Extra charges relate to significance of deposits, ring sticking, Modular electrical connection, and custom RV bottle mount.

Engine was received via UPS, with only minor, easily repairable damage to EI box mount plate.

Gear oil leaked from vent during shipping.  Oil level is unknown.

Fig 4A Starter Removed

Fig 4B Motor Mount and Coolant system/hoses removed

Fig 4C Carburetors Removed

Fig 4D Exhaust Removed
(note, water pump cover inlet toward Mag)
Has inline 1k ohm resistor for tach. Has Rotax modular Electric connector
Has thermostat with by-pass holes turned down Flywheel nut and flywheels seemed slightly loose
Slight wetness behind stator validates suspicion of seal leak RV end of RV shaft appears to have had seal leak, however owner reports no excess usage of RV oil
  • Bottom Ring was partially stuck on both pistons
  • Moderate carbon on piston tops and inside
  • PTO piston has seizure and varnish down below each ring end gap, plus indication of cold seizure on exh side of piston. NOTE, in photos below, that seizure was not viewable via "thru the port inspection", with exception of aluminum deposits on carb side of liner, which would be viewable externally upon close inspection.
  • following consult with owner, it is believed that the seizure is non related to the stuck rings. An engine stoppage at around 10 hours TT occurred in sub freezing weather during a decent followed by  high speed pass. Seizure marks and explanation of flight operation at time of stoppage coincide with cause and affects of "Cold Seizure"
  • Varnish and ring sticking is believed to be a result of very low usage and periods of prolonged storage in the recent past and the subsequent operation with stale fuel

This view, above as if through the exhaust port does not reveal the significance of the damage. 
Below, deposit on top of connecting rod is affect of stale fuel

Piston Clearances   Mag (top) PTO (bottom NW PISTON)
.0053 0 .9992w .019/.018
.0035 .0002 Wider .0009 Wider .021/.018
  Clearance        Out of round    Taper             Ring end Gap
Crankshaft runnout "in case" (bold) "out of case" bottom
.00075 before service .001
.0005 after service .001
.0015 .002 .0004 .0015
         Mag          Mag Center   PTO Center      PTO
At left, runnout is checked one final time. Note runnout on mag end changed by .00025 for the better when engine was reassembled. That is in spite of the fact that no adjustment was performed on the crankshaft during service. The difference could be from pressure applied during bolt torquing sequence when case was reassembled, or perhaps from dial indicator stem deflection, or crankshaft surface roughness.  The point is: the check could just as easily have revealed the deterioration from the previous reading, perhaps even out of spec. It can happen. 
Repaired PTO Cylinder by acid wash and honed with fixed stone hone. Remaining line is of no consequence. 
Gearbox flange runnout was .001.  Preload was slightly low. 6 of 12 spring washers had signs of wear.  Replaced worn spring washers, and reset spring preload at assembly.
RV oil return line was replaced as precautionary measure. This is  much more readily fitted with adequate clamp clearance between the cylinders prior to assembly. Note, "owner installed" protection wrap. This provides added assurance that line will not chafe through in close proximity to the oil injection pump.

Resistance values checked in accordance to Rotax Maintenance Manual. Silicone dielectric compound 
was applied to connections upon reassembly. Old style trigger are in use, (timing non adjustable) trigger gaps are .019"
Note, 1 of 4 Sparkplug protectors is Non Stock. It is believed this modification is in place to facilitate a cowl clearance problem. If such is not the case, a new OEM Sparkplug protector, 866 705 should be installed prior to return to service.
Please note, Engine was shipped without oil in the gearbox. Fill to lower level screw, with 85 w 140 gear lube prior to running engine. 
Engine should be run through "break-in sequence" per Rotax operator's manual prior to return to service. Maintain all temperature and operational limits.

Engine was repacked in original container. Plywood reinforcement was added to container top as stiffener, with drywall screws through cardboard. Also installed screws through the box into the pallet

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