HKS Engine Service

Refer to the HKS 700E Operations Manual and Service Manual for scheduled inspections and maintenance that the HKS 700E engine requires. Also review all service bulletins affecting your engine serial number.


GSA can assist you in any inspections or service required for your HKS 700E engine. Contact us for any service you require.

HKS Engine Installation Consultation

Are you an OEM or individual who wishes to use an HKS 700E in an original application without an installation package? Contact us for a free initial consultation to assist in designing the installation that will work best for the engine in your application.

Jim Olenik

Jim has been the primary HKS engine technician at GSA for many years. Whether it is a minor repair, condition inspection, or a full overhaul, Jim is ready to assist you in all of your HKS 700E service needs.


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