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Custom Cables.
Most of our cables are manufactured for standard HKS or Rotax aircraft throttle and choke applications. However, there is quite a variety of ends, fittings, and adjusters that can be used in various combinations to create other custom cables for many special situations. A few examples are pictured below. Pricing on these "one-off" assemblies is based on parts and labor. With our standard mass produced cables, parts make up the majority of the price because repetition keeps labor to a minimum. The most costly portion of a custom cable is labor. By supplying good, detailed information on your old cable, labor can be minimized. Shop Rate is $65 per hour. One hour minimum for custom cables.
Making your own?
We are happy to supply the parts. We have a good variety of Parts available HERE.
When selecting ends, please be aware, the +/- on fitting dimensions can become frustrating. Dressing parts for best fit is common place. We currently offer 7x7 Galvanized Cable in 049, 064 and 092 diameters. 092 is also available in 1x19 which is less flexible, and suited well for many "Push" applications.
In-house manufacturing of special ends is available, but expensive
Below, is an example of a special cable for an antique snowmobile. Adjusters at the carb and oil injection ends as well as midway adjusters assure an ample range of adjustment for proper function.
If your custom cable requires  permanently installed, non-adjustable ends, we need detail measurements.
Here's the detail a client sent for his custom cable.

Custom Cruise Cable for Mazda
Cable Housing
Our 03315 Nylon Lined Housing has a nominal OD of .213. It accommodates up to .064 cable.
$1.44 per ft 
25ft $1.08 per ft
50ft $.86

03090  .049" 7 x 7 cable,
$.69 per ft 
25ft $.52 per ft
50ft $.41 per ft

03110  .064" 7 x 7

$.75 per ft 
25ft $.56 per ft
50ft $.45 per ft
Straight Adjusters
27266 6 mm x 1   $4.91 each
27286 8 mm x 1.25  $7.01 ea
Both are used with the straight Ferrule 202220 $1.04 ea.

For Dust Boots, use
260370 for 6mm $3.86 ea
960550 for 8mm $4.05 ea
See notes on dust boot applications HERE
90 Degree Adjuster Assy for HKS
ASSY-29303 $16.31 ea

29520 Midway Adjuster 
Provides 1 inch of adjustment 
$7.76 ea

Uses 2 each
Straight Ferrule 20220 $.90 ea
Dust Boot        260370 $3.70 ea
Brass Barrel 
for Oil Injection use with solder ball or shank fittings below

25480 Barrel OD .312 X .380
$1.14 each
$.86 ea in 5 qnty
$.68 ea in 25 qnty

2362 Barrel  OD .250  X .370
$1.28 each
$.96  ea in 5 qnty
$.68 ea in 25 qnty

2365 Barrel  OD .250  X .250
$.96 each
$.72  ea in 5 qnty
$.58 ea in 25 qnty

Solder Ball
24162 Solder Ball
$.92 each
$.71 ea in 5 qnty
$.57 ea in 25 qnty
(ball and barrel is non precise fit rqrs dressing. Shank fitting is compatible with 25480 only)
Shank Fitting
26080 Shank Fitting
$1.02 each
$.77  ea in 5 qnty
$.61 ea in 25 qnty
compatible w 25480 Barrel Fitting
Carb/Junction BlockFitting
$.93 each 
$.70 ea in 5 qnty
$.56 ea in 25 qnty
.116 OD .186 length works with .049 or 064 wire
20220 Straight Ferrule
.250 OD .220 ID .420 L
$1.04 each

21710 Stepped Ferrule
.250 / .212 OD .220 ID .812 L
$1.33 each


HKS Throttle Cables
$120.83 includes splitter assy to carburetors and single cable (up to 7 ft). Custom lengths on request. Does not include throttle control end or Junction block Mounting Bracket. Please specify top, or low mounted carburetors
HKS Choke Cables
$120.83 includes splitter assy to carburetors plus single pull cable, and actuator.