Preparing Zippy Sport for the 2013 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Dupont, Western Flyer ARV Design Competition
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20010, Above Zippy Sport N83ZS landing at Melrose Florida.
Still in it's second covering colors of Forest Green and Diana Cream which was completed in 1991.
 and below, March 2010 HKS Powered Zippy Sport at Melrose Landing Florida

As part of on going or progressive maintenance which is a component of experimental aircraft ownership, it had come time to replace the windshield and side glass on Zippy Sport N83ZS. 
Removal of the old plexiglass revealed some areas of the piper channel sub structure that needed minor repair and clean up. Since it is so much easier to work around the airplane without the wings on, and they are easy to remove, that decision was a no brainer. 
Besides, I really have wanted to build an new "dedicated" engine installation for the aircraft. The existing motor mount had been used for seven of the nine different engines this aircraft has worn since 1983. The HKS we installed on this is 2003 was our first HKS installations, and I was never thrilled with the mounting arrangement. The plan is for a much wider stance between the isolators, a Green Sky Adventures, Inc. custom exhaust system, new custom oil tank, and other accessory detail improvements. 
Looking further inside, it was obvious some major cleaning was also in order. There was an accumulation of 21 years of sand, dirt, oil, mold, mildew, dead bugs and other debris, which had left an unsightly, if not historic trail on its journey to the far reaches of the aft fuselage.  The fabric and finish on the Zippy are in far too good a condition to do a recover, so a game plan was devised to access the crevices without getting into a recover job. 
This past spring, when we finished the Micro Mong 2XF
one of the improvements was installation of a removable aluminum turtle deck. This specifically allows good access for inspection, service, and cleaning. ...Seemed like a good route for the Zippy Sport clean up. So, fabric from Zippy's turtle deck was removed, with a plan to replace it with aluminum. What was revealed really wasn't too overwhelming. I was thinking we could blow out the loose stuff with air, do a good degreasing, and shoot the whole inside with primer. But to do anything up front required removal of the   
forward fuselage (main) fuel tank, and instrument panel. This lead further, into pulling the floor, seat bottom and back. And then... Look at all those wires!!! Seven engines, a variety of instruments, radios, loran, gps, chargers, and so forth have added up to this unsightly, mishmash of copper, aluminum, plastic, and who knows what. The wires have to go. We marked the ends and left the "Harness" (if you want to call it that) in tact, for possible use on a test stand at some point, but it will no longer reside in Zippy's cabin. 
This far in, the cleaning idea was starting to fade. Briefly, I considered cutting out the bottom fabric, and replacing with a removable aluminum belly pan (Super Cub style).  
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