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Warming up. Generally, warm up takes about 3 minutes at 2800 to 3000 rpm. 

Coolant temp climbs through 140°F after 2 minutes.. Fuel pressure (top right) generally runs between 2 and 6 lb, depending on power setting, and altitude.

A left turnout following departrure Blue indicator light waaaaay up front is for a low oil level warning for oil injeciton supply.

This 2-G pullup was an abandoned attempt to campture a loop with a hand-held camera, while flying the plane with the other hand.  ....Not impossible, but more difficult than oriiginally expected.

Leveled off in cruise, The pilot's view in cruise configuration, about 115 mph and an estimated sea level altitude over Northeat Ohio's frozen "tundra"

Head'n on up. Cruise climb configuration, enroute to "on top" of a scattered layer.

Let the sunshine

"...The view from the top, can be ooooh soooooo verrrrry lovely..........."

You could be missing such a lot
that could be yours

The 4412 (same as Luscombe) airfoil on the Zippy's wing easily slices a generous helping of altitude.

Have you heard? God does not subtract, the moments here from our alotted time.

Unplanned engine stopages have occurred 6 times in 15 years with 83ZS, 3 in Ohio (503's), 1 in Wisconsin (503), 1 in Indiana (508), (yes, 508), 1 in Florida (582).   The quiet flight pictured here was planned, just as countless other flights have been. Silence is Golden.

Decending back to reality 

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